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Glossary - Australian Electoral Commission
This is the most authoritative glossary to take definitions from.

Glossary of Election Terms
From Antony Green's "Green Guide" (ABC).

Glossary - Discovering Democracy Units
A mixture of election terms and terms related to the history of democracy and to the operation of parliament.

Glossary - Australian Politics and Elections Database
The election terms relate to both federal and state elections. Each definition is augmented with a little extra information.

Glossary of Australian political terms (SBS)
A short list of political terms.

Glossary - Electoral Reform Green Paper
"Strengthening Australia's democracy", September 2009. For the pdf file, click on the green link "Link to Resopurce".The glossary is on the pages numbered 219-224.

Glossary - Parliamentary Education Office (archived version - may become out of date)
A mixture of both election terms and terms related to the operation of federal parliament.

Glossaries - state-based electoral commissions
The glossaries for individual state electoral commissions contain many definitions that apply to federal elections: Vic, NSW, Qld (Qld Parlt), Tas, SA, WA, ACT, NT.



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