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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


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AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) (
AEC - Australian Electoral CommissionThe Australian Electoral Commission is the official source of information about elections in Australia.
Enrolling to Vote including FAQ
Voting including arguments for and against compulsory voting
Electorates including Maps and data. See also Maps of electoral divisions below
Political Parties. See also Parties and politicians.
Elections including Australian electoral history and electoral procedures
Publications. See also Fact Sheets

- Expected election day polling places as at 17 Aug 2013 [csv file]. (See also csv files of mobile locations and overseas polling places.) From the AEC Downloads page.

See also:

 Electoral Council of Australia: Electoral Systems
Australia's voting systems. Proportional representation electoral systems (eg, Senate). Preferential voting systems (eg, House of Representatives).



Ballot boxes for the Senate and the House of Representatives


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