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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


Parliament HouseThe Australian Parliament
(See also: Hung parliaments)

Parliament's website:

Parliament of Australia (
The official website of the Australian Parliament.

Fact sheets:

Fact Sheets (PEO)
The very large number of fact sheets on the Australian Parliament can be downloaded as a pdf file.

Posters and images:

Image Library (PEO)
Provides ten galleries of posters and images related to Australia's parliament to use in the classroom.


Parliamentary Quiz (PEO)
Test yourself on how much you know about parliaments.


Kidsview Games (PEO)
Eight animations and interactive activities from Kidsview, presented by the Parliamentary Education Office.

Educational websites:

Parliamentary Education Office
The Australian Parliament's educational website.

Parliamentary Education Office: Learning
Useful starting page for students.

KidsView: Our House
From KidsView - Parliament in Focus.

Parliament NOW (PEO)

Shows the composition and layout of the federal parliament of 2016. Provides a pdf file to download.

Parliament @ Work
Educational site. Click on 'Search' to begin browsing.


 Videos from the Parliamentary Education Office

The Constitution 2m29s
Federation 2m39s
Question Time 4m13s
Passing a Bill 8m35s
Three levels of Government 2m27s

About Parliament:
What is Parliament? 2m03s
A new Parliament 6m24s
The House of Representatives 4m27s
The Senate 3m43s
Making a law 3m18s
Parliamentary Committees 3m10s

People in Parliament:
Usher of the Black Rod 3m27s

Role-play the Parliament:
House of Representatives 14m33s
Senate 14m0s
The Role-Play in Action 1m34s



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