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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


 PoliciesElection policies

Policy differences:

Spot the difference: Where the parties diverge on policies (ABC).
The main differences between the Coalition (Liberals and Nationals), Labor and the Greens in relation to policies on: company tax cuts, negative gearing, superannuation, climate change, same sex marriage, asylum seekers, school funding, university funding, Medicare rebate freeze, penalty rates, NBN (National Broadband Network).
Also see Policy in depth.

All the policies:

All the major parties' policies in one place (Election Watch 2016, University of Melbourne)
Compare the policies of the various parties, grouped into topics: tax, health, education, negative gearing, asylum seekers, NBN, child care, international aid and development, small business tax rate, superannuation, higher education, innovation, environment, Indigenous affairs, same sex marriage, infrastructure.

You and the policies:

Vote Compass: Top Issues (ABC)
The top election issues as revealed by people answering questions about their views. You need to take part first.

Fact checking:

Fact checkers aim to check and rate the accuracy of statements by politicians and others in the news. See:
- the ABC's Fact Check page.
- the Conversation's Election FactCheck 2016

See also our Social media page.


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