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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


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Political party videos:
Australian Labor (YouTube)
Liberal Party (YouTube)
Australian Greens (YouTube)
The Nationals (YouTube)

Educational videos:

How the House of Represetatives votes are counted (Australian Electoral Commission)

Parliament videos
These15 videos listed on our Parliament page are from the Parliamentary Education Office.

Behind the News (BTN)
Videos from the TV program for students

2016 videos:
- What is an Electorate? (ABC)
Broadcast 7 Jun 2016.
- Levels of Government (ABC)
Broadcast 31 May 2016.
- History of Voting (ABC)
Broadcast 24 May 2016.
- What is Democracy? (ABC)
Broadcast 17 May 2016.

2013 videos:
- Preferential Voting (ABC)
- Becoming a Candidate (ABC)
- Election Campaign: Battle 2013 (ABC)
What makes a good election campaign?
- Youth Vote (ABC)
The importance of enrolling.
- Labor Votes (ABC)
The 2013 change in PM from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd.

2010 videos:
- Political Power (ABC)
- Political Persuasion (ABC)
- Hung Parliament (ABC)
- Vote 2010 (ABC) Watch the video on the change of Prime Minister.
- Preferential Voting (ABC)
- Campaign Cliches (ABC)


Ballot boxes for the Senate and the House of Representatives


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