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  1. Steam from a nuclear reactor turns these to make power. (8)
  2. The longer the of radioactive material, the more dangerous it is. (4, 4)
  3. Material based on this element is found in nuclear reactors. (7)
  4. Nuclear power plant in Ukraine where in 1986 a major accident caused a huge radiation cloud to spread across Europe. (9)
  5. A nuclear relies on fission (splitting of atoms) to create heat that in turn boils water to create steam for making power. (7)
  6. Melting of this part of a nuclear reactor can lead to disaster if no water is available. (4)
  7. The half-life of Iodine-131 is about eight (4)
  8. Island is a nuclear power plant in the U.S. where in 1979 a major accident occurred but only a small amount of radioactive gases escaped. (5, 4)


  1. What do making a cup of coffee or tea and using nuclear fission to make power both have in common? (7, 5)
  2. A nuclear reactor is enclosed in a containment building made of concrete. (10)
  3. Nuclear reactors contain thousands of these. (4, 4)
  4. A sievert and a millisievert are units of measurement for the dosage (amount) of received by a person. (9)
  5. The presence of the radioactive element, Iodine-131, indicates that a partial or worse has occurred. (8)
  6. Continual of the core of a nuclear reactor is essential to prevent a major accident. (7)


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