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Hung parliaments: Experience


LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


 Some experience in Australia and overseas

Australian experience generally:

Minority Governments in Australia 1989-2009: Accords, Charters and Agreements (Parliament of NSW)
Background Paper 1/2010 by G. Griffith. The full document [pdf file]can be downloaded.

NSW experience:

Minority Governments / Hung Parliaments Perspectives from the Chair [pdf file]
Richard Torbay, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of NSW


Tasmanian experience:

The possibility of minority government (
Dr Richard Herr.

Tasmanian election 2010 (Parliament of Australia)
In particular, see A hung parliament?


United Kingdom experience:

What is a hung parliament? (BBC)

Hung Parliament - What happens next? (ABC)

Hung parliaments: What you need to know [pdf]
From the Institute for Government, UK


Canadian experience:

Federal minority governments in Canada (Wikipedia)

Duration of minority governments: 1867 to Date (Parliament of Canada)

6 things you need to know if there's a minority government (CBC)
8 Oct 2015.


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