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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


 Explanations and definitions

Hung parliament (Wikipedia)

Minority government (Wikipedia)

Minority government (Citizendium)

What to expect from a hung parliament in Australian federal election (
2 July 2016.

What is a 'hung parliament', and how will a government be formed? (
Explanation of hung parliament and outline of possible procedures to form a government if the 2016 Australian election does indeed result in neither the Coalition nor Labor gaining a majority of votes in the lower house.

Australia's hung parliament explained (ABC)
23 Aug 2010.
Explanation of the situation in 2010.

What is a hung parliament? (SBS)
Explanation by Zareh Ghazarian, co-author of Australian Politics for Dummies

What does ‘hung parliament’ mean? (Oxford University Press blog)
UK perspective.

Hung parliament (
Explanation of the conventions that are expected to be followed in the event of a hung parliament. Written in the context of the 2010 hung parliament.

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