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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


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Practice voting:

Practice voting (AEC)
Practise completing the ballot papers for
-  the House of Representatives, and
- the Senate.
Note that in the Senate paper if you attempt to have a mixture of above the line and below the line votes, this practice vote will be rejected. A message will point out that only one method will be counted (ie, either above or below) and that if possible priority will be given to your BELOW the line choices.

Election Calculator:

Antony Green's Election Calculator (ABC)
You can predict the number of seats that would be held by Labor and the Coalition by selecting various recent opinion polls or by choosing any swing yourself.

Vote Compass:

Vote Compass (ABC)
Answer questions to find out "
how your views align with those of the candidates".


Interactive Electorate Maps (ABC)
Click on an electorate name. On the electorate's page, scroll down to find the map then zoom in.

Interactive Electorate Map (SMH)
Enter your suburb and state.

See also Interactive educational activities.


Ballot boxes for the Senate and the House of Representatives


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Last updated 23 June 2016
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