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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


Interactive activities

Crosswords - interactive:

Election crosswords (online)
Two interactive Australian election crosswords to play online:
- Voting Terms (interactive)
- Election Synonyms (interactive)

Word searches - interactive:

Election word searches (online)
Three interactive Australian election word searches to play online:
- Preparing for an Election
- Counting the Votes (interactive)
- Parliament and Elections (interactive)

Jigsaw puzzles - interactive:

Election jigsaw puzzles (online)
Australian election online jigsaw puzzles to play.

More interactive activities:

Democracy Rules - Student Animations and Interactives (AEC)

Making a Nation - the evolution of Australia's democratic system (AEC)

See also our Parliament games section.
See also our Interactive election tools page.


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Last updated 23 June 2016
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