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Official sites

Beijing 2008 Official Website

Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.


Beijing 2008 (olympic.org)
Relive the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.




China Daily: Beijing 2008


Beijing 2008: Educational Kit [pdf]
From the Olympic Museum, Lausanne


News media

Behind the News: China's Olympics
From the ABC's BTN news program for students.

BBC Olympics - Beijing 2008

BBC's coverage of the Olympic Games, currently showing the Beijing coverage.


CNN Beijing Report

Blog, news stories, reports, financial side.


Photos - Beijing 2008

Opening ceremony photos (Boston Globe)


Opening ceremony photos (Chicago Tribune)

Photo galleries (ABC)



Stats (ABC)

Olympics statistics from as far back as the first Olympic Games.





Educational sites


Olympic Education (Beijing Official Website)

Olympic archives, stories, schools, educational news. Some display features of original site missing. (Site no longer contains images.)



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Acknowledgment: background photo taken from http://www.abc.net.au/olympics/

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