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 Olympic Games websites for the classroom
 Information and kids' activities for students and teachers  

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 Official site 

International Olympic Committee
Official website of the Olympic Movement.



 Australia's involvement 

Australian Olympic Team Official Website

Official website of the Australian Olympic team.

Australian Sports Commission
Australian Sports Commission website.


 News media 


ABC Sport: Olympics (
ABC's coverage of the Olympic Games.

9 News (

9 News Olympic Games coverage.'s Olympic Games coverage




The Olympic flame (

The Olympic flame in ancient and modern times.

The Olympic flag (

The Olympic flag was first used in the 1920 Olympic Games.

The Olympic anthem (
The Olympic anthem was first played in the 1896 Olympic Games

Olympic Games - History ( earliest Games date from 776 BC.

Olympic medals (
In the ancient Olympic Games the winners were crowned with wreaths but did not receive medals.

The Games at Olympia (
Go back in time for five days and learn about the old Greek sports events.five days with the old Greek Olympic sports events.

Olympics Through Time

From the Foundation of the Hellenic World:

- Athletic events in Prehistory
- the Olympic Games in Antiquity
- the revival of the ancient Olympic Games


Awesome Stories: Ancient Olympics
Stories of how the Olympic Games began





Wikipedia: Summer Olympics


Wikipedia: Olympic Games




SR/ Olympic Sports
Olympics statistics, from

Olympic Summer Games statistics and facts ( statistical information is provided free but payment is required to download data.files.

Clearinghouse for Sport (
Scroll down to:
- General Results
- Australian Results




Paralympic Games

Official website of the Paralympic Movement.



From EdGate: Gateway to the Summer Games.




12 Must-See Devices for Fitness and Sports (


Top 12 Olympic Lessons & Classroom Activities (
Olympics lesson ideas for a range of subjects.



 Links to more sites 

The Olympics (aussie educator)

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites
Although titled "The Best Resources on the Rio Olympics" many of the links (scroll down) relate to the Olympics generally.

Summer Olympics K-6 Resources (
Lesson resources for Kinder to Grade 6 from the Teachers First database.

Summer Olympics 7-12 Resources (
Lesson resources for older students from the Teachers First database.

A huge vault of links to Olympic Games topics:
- Ancient Olympics
Modern Olympics: includes the International Olympic Movement, sites of the Modern Olympics, issues such as boycotts and drugs
- Winter Olympics
- Paralympics
Athletes: includes famous Olympians of Australia, the Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics, and lists of medal winners
- Other information: educational materials, general sites, mascots and Olympic symbols, media










Educational websites


The activities below are for the Olympic Games generally.

Online activities

Kid World Citizen

Online videos, intarctrive games and activities



Olympic Games educational sites


Teacher Planet - Olympics

Links to lesson plans, worksheets, activities and more.


The Olympic Games (Enchanted Learning)
Basic information and links to activities and many worksheets to download.


Olympic Games Puzzles (Activity Village)
Puzzles to print out:
- Olympic Sudoku
- Famous Olympians Word Search
- Olympic Host Cities Word Search
- Olympic Sports Word Search
- Paralympic Sports Word Search
- Summer Olympics Word Search
- Winter Olympics Word Search
- Olympic Games Word Search
- Olympic Sports Word Scramble 1
- Olympic Sports Word Scramble 2

Olympic Games Writing paper and Frames (Activity Village)


Scholastic Olympic Games Research

Lots of basic information, nicely formatted and easily accessible for students. A good place to start for basic research on the Olympic movement.


 The 10 strangest Olympic sports

Unusual summer Olympic events have included club swinging,  live pigeon shooting and rope climbing.


Gateway to the Summer Games

Lesson plans and project suggestions.


Gold Medal Olympic Activities (Education World)
Links to Olympic Games lesson activities.


Go for the Gold! (Scholastic)

General information about the Olympic Games, such as history, how the games cities are chosen.


Ancient Greeks: The Olympic Games (BBC)
Fun activities and information for young students.


Ancient Greek Olympics (Mr Donn)

Scroll to the bottom for links to further Greek Olympics websites.


Olympic Games Worksheets (Lesson Planet)

Links to activities, reviewed by teachers.


Olympics (ABC Teach)

Simple worksheets to download.


Summer Olympic Worksheets (
Crosswords, word scrambles, word search, rhymes, grammar activities, history activity, sports worksheets.

Classroom Olympics [pdf] (
Olympics lesson ideas, with handouts, certificates and medals to print out. 16 yerars old but still appears to be useful.


The Olympics (
Colouring pages, games, facts pages, Olympics stationery for young writers.


Olympic rings to colour in [pdf] (



Olympic Games Fun
Quizzes, word searches, jigsaw puzzles, games

Mr Otto
Flash cartoon. (YouTube version)

 Pinterest pages

Olympics (
A variety of winter and summer games items.

A focus on student activities.

A focus on Olympics-related craft activities.

Theme - Olympics (
Printables plus art and craft Olympic-related acrivities.

Olympics (
Printables and craft activities.

Educational sites - for teachers


The Olympic and Paralympic Games: Primary (
Olympics lesson and content ideas for the primary grades.


The Olympic and Paralympic Games: Post-Primary (
Olympics lesson and content ideas for secondary students.


The Olympics (

Suggested  Olympics activities and teaching ideas.

Teaching Values: An Olympic Education Toolkit (
From OVEP - the Olympic Values Education Programme.


Olympic Games: Essential Learnings document [Word doc]
For teachers. Document originally prepared to assist teachers in incorporating the Olympics within the Essential Learnings framework.







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