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General information
on earthquakes and tsunamis
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   - Information for students
   - Survival

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General information on earthquakes and tsunamis:

Latest earthquakes

  Latest Earthquakes in the World (US Geological Survey)
Drag on the map, zoom out and in.


Earthquake and tsunami information and explanations for students



resulting from the Japan earthquake and tsunami go to our special
Japan nuclear disaster 2011

Earthquakes for Kids (US Geological Survey)
Includes animations and coloring pages for young people.

How earthquakes happen (BBC)
Explanation. Available as a pdf file to download.

The Science of Earthquakes (US Geological Survey)
Basic questions answered, with illustrations.

Earthquake Topics (US Geological Survey)

Earthquake Frequently Asked Questions (US Geological Survey)

Earthquake educational resources for primary grades (US Geological Survey)

Earthquake educational resources for secondary grades (US Geological Survey)

The Earthquake Hazard (Australia)
Note that these pages cannot be printed in the normal way.

Earthquake Education Resources (
    - Comprehensive  Resources

    - High School & Middle School Resources
    - Elementary School  Resources
    - Geology, Plate Tectonics, Earth Science & Seismology Resources

How Does a Tsunami Work? (
Covers explanation and safety.

Tsunamis (The Why Files: The Science Behind the News)
Images, information and safety.

Faultline: Seismic Science at the Epicenter (
Quake Basics (
   - Plate tectonics
   - Faults
   - Waves
   - Measurements


Earthquake survival

  Emergency Management for Schools (Aust.)
- See Earthquakes page

- See Earthquakes Lesson Plan

How to survive an earthquake (
"What you need to buy to prepare for the Big One."

Videos and animations (

Damage Control (

   - Building for the Big One
   - Predictions and warning systems
   - Retrofitting for the future



  Earthquake Glossary (
Defines earthquake, tectonic plates, epicenter, tsunami, ring of fire, magnitude, aftershocks, seismologist.

Earthquake Glossary (
See also Earthquake Topics.

Earthquake Terminology (
Earthquake terms, from the Pacific Disaster Center (managed by the University of Hawaii).

Earthquakes: Glossary (
Reasonably short definitions of 40 general earthquake terms.

Glossary of Earthquake and Related Terminology (


Lists of links

  Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan, March 2011 (
Links in categories for teaching and learning.

Earthquakes (

Earthquakes (
Information with links.

Earthquakes (

dmoz Open Directory Project: Earthquakes (

Tsunami (

Tsunamis (
Information with links.

dmoz Open Directory Project: Tsunamis (


See also our
Japan nuclear disaster 2011 page
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New Zealand earthquake 2011

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