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Japan nuclear disaster 2011

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Earthquake videos


This video is taken from the following page:

Earthquakes 101 (National Geographic)
Scroll down for a further seven videos on earthquakes.

What Makes the Earth Shake? (

Videos and animations (
The first two videos on earthquake safety, though produced by non-professionals, certainly get their points across.

Bay Bridge shaking scenario animation (

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire 1906 (
Silent 17-minute film.


  Earth: All Stressed Out (

Tsunami Animation (
(This website was not available on 30 December 2015.)
Step-by-step demonstration of how a tsunami occurs.

Tsunami (
Three short animations: the undersea earthquake, the commencement of the waves, the arrival of the tsunami (including the exposure of the foreshore).

Animations for Earthquake Terms and Concepts (US Geological Survey)
16 earthquake terms and concepts explained, and illustrated with animations.


  Inside an Earthquake (
Three dimensional block diagram.

Earth's Tectonic Plates (
World map with tectonic plates labelled.

How a Tsunami Forms (
Three dimensional block diagram.

Earthquakes - NGDC Natural Hazard Images (
From the National Geophysical Data Center.

Tsunamis - NGDC Natural Hazard Images (
From the National Geophysical Data Center.



See also our
Japan nuclear disaster 2011 page

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New Zealand earthquake 2011








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