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New Zealand earthquake 2011
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New Zealand earthquake news for kids

  Christchurch hit by two tremors (CBBC)
Two tremors have hit Christchurch, New Zealand, the city where an earthquake killed 181 people in February.
13 June 2011

Earthquake Rattles New Zealand (Weekly Reader)
Terms used and defined: tectonic plates, crust, boundaries, diverge

An Earthquake Rocks New Zealand (Time for Kids)
Short report written shortly after the Christchurch earthquake.

Earthquake in New Zealand (National Geographic Kids)

Earthquake Rocks New Zealand (


  New Zealand earthquake updates (
Aerial images and diagrams of the Christchurch earthquake.

Christchurch Quake Map (
Interactive map of the Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake of 2011.

New Zealand earthquake information



The Best Sites To Learn About The Christchurch Earthquake and More on the New Zealand earthquake

Questions and Answers ... the Why's of New Zealand's earthquake (Learn from Nature)

Liquefaction - a scientific explanation (
News video explanation of liquefaction.

Christchurch Earthquake Vocabulary (
ESL vocabulary list.

Earthquake House - Awesome Forces (Museum of New Zealand)
For students in New Zealand.

Information for teachers

  FAQ - Information for teachers (
Implications and tips for teachers following the earthquake at Canterbury, New Zealand in February 2011.


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