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Halloween date: Monday, 31 October 2022





  Halloween teaching resources (
A range of activities to download and print.

Halloween Projects - Classroom Fun (
Includes Halloween projects, activities and recipes.

Classroom Halloween (
Includes Halloween crafts, printable worksheets to complete and recipes.

See also the Halloween recipes page
Craft activities Jack-o-lantern pumpkin (Image: How to carve a pumpkin into a Jack-o-lantern (
Provides a video demonstration of the steps involved in using a knife, fork and spoon to make a halloween pumpkin (though the video omits the step of spooning out the guts of the pumpkin). SAFETY WARNING: Best to involve a responsible adult in handling the knife and the fork.

Halloween craft for kids (
Paper plate craft, cupcake picks, Tattle Monster, black cat, googly eyes.

Halloween crafts (
A huge range of crafts to choose from, from bucket of eyeballs to Halloween masks to hanging bat mobiles.

Art activities   Art Projects for Kids:  Halloween (
Art activities with instructions for young kids.

15 Spooktacular Halloween Art Projects for Kids (
Suggested craft and art activities for the very young.
Paper-based activities   Activities for Halloween (
This Enchanted Learning collection contains many paper and scissors activities.

Scary skeleton paper puppet (
Click on "Download activity sheet" for a pdf file containing parts of a skeleton to cut out and join together.

Coloured masks to print and cut out (
Coloured masks to print and cut out:
- Werewolf mask
- Frankenstein mask
- Zombie mask

Halloween display banners (
Banners to save, print and join.

Halloween Printables (
Pinterest collection of Sparklebox Halloween printable templates, banners, colouring sheets and other teaching aids to print out.

Quizzes and trivia

  Halloween Challenge [pdf] (archived from
A nine-question multiple choice Halloween trivia quiz.

Halloween Trivia Quiz - online (
Choose up to 11 questions from five difficulty levels.

Colouring in   Halloween Coloring Pages (
41 pictures to choose from!
Colour online or print out.
(Embedded videos may unexpectedly run on this website.)

Masks to print, cut out and colour in (
- Dracula mask
- Pirate mask
- Cat mask
Frankenstein mask

Halloween Ghosts colouring page (
Seven ghosts and a haunted house to colour in.

Halloween colouring sheets (
Labelled sheets to colour in: bat, ghost, pumpkin, spider, wand, cauldron.





  Bet You Didn't Know: Halloween (
Succinct, highly active explanation (2m15s) of the origin of Halloween and its features.

Bet You Didn't Know: Witches (
Succinct, highly active explanation (2m33s) of the origin of witches.

Haunted History of Halloween (
The origin of Halloween.


See also the Halloween Puzzles page




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