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Halloween date: Monday, 31 October 2022



Party ideas


  17 Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween Party (
Many inexpensive ideas are suggested, mostly with links to their priginal sources for further details. Examples:
- hold the party in an unusual venue such as your garage
- try craftwork decorations
- make cut-out spiderwebs
- make glowing ghost faces from balloons
- make a floating ghost decoration
- choose from a list of spooky music tunes
- dressing up
- food ideas for: punch, chocolate, fruit Halloween snacks, jelly worms, witches hat cupcakes
- scary walk game
- ring toss onto witches hats

Halloween Party Games for Kids (
Simple party game ideas:
- hunting for hand-drawn pumpkins
- freeze when the music stops
- halloween costume race
- gross box with slimy items to feel
- wrap the mummy
- pass-it-on ghost story
- candy corn relay
- Halloween item memory game
- human worm race
- scarecrow dressing up race
- pin the stem on the pumpkin
- Halloween candies guess
- jinx words
- spooky musical chairs
- corn catch
- pumpkin capture
- Frankenstein relay
- corners game
- pop the ballon
- pumpkin penny pitch
- vocabulary match-up
- message pass-on
- Halloween bingo
- Halloween word searches


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