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Halloween date: Monday, 31 October 2022



Issues - US influence


Australia's Halloween hype down to US love ( 28 Oct 2016
Halloween has become "normalised" in Australia due to its "repeated appearance on American television. film and social media", an American studies lecturer argues.

Halloween around the world - Australia (
Many people complain of the American influence of Halloween but they ignore its history as a Celtic occasion like St Patrick's Day.

Face it, Australians are into Halloween now ( 25 Oct 2013
Comments about the origins, commercialisation and US influence of Halloween.

Should we really be celebrating Halloween in Australia? (Archived from 18 Sep 2013
Australian children are increasingly participating in Halloween but the majority have no idea why.

Issues - Safety   Halloween posters for houses ( 26 Oct 2015
Queensland Police have produced psoters to enable homeowners to tell trick or treaters whether or not they are welcome.

Halloween tips for kids and adults ( 26 Oct 2015
Tips for kids and advice for adults participating in Halloween.

The dark side to Halloween (
This Medical Journal of Australia article points out how scary Halloween really is: promotion of unhealthy confectionery, risk of deliberate food contamination, risk of fire from unstable pumpkins, children being hit by cars, face paint containing toxic lead levels.
Issues generally   Why does Halloween get so much hate in Australia? ( 25 Oct 2015
The question is posed, followed by a variety of suggestions. (NOTE: Some bad language.)

Halloween - are you for or against it in Australia? (
Two people provide their arguments for and against holding Halloween in Australia.


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