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Nuclear reactors and meltdowns:
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The Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan appears to have had a partial meltdown, not "a meltdown".  For an explanation of the distinction see Meltdown 101: What is a nuclear reactor meltdown? (

Nuclear reactors and meltdowns:

Nuclear meltdown explanation   Nuclear meltdown (
Online encyclopedia explanation of nuclear meltdown for kids.

What is a nuclear meltdown? (
Answers the questions: What happens during a meltdown? What makes it so dangerous?

See also our Japan's partial nuclear meltdown explanations (videos) section.

Nuclear reactors   Nuclear Reactors (
Covers definition, components, animation, core, types,

How Nuclear Power Works (
Remember to click at the bottom for further pages.
Uranium (nuclear) (
From the U.S. energy Information Administration

- Uranium (nuclear) Basics
     Nuclear energy. Nuclear fuel.
- Nuclear power plants
- Types of nuclear reactors
     Boiling-water reactors. Pressurized water reactors.
- Getting (producing) uranium
     Occurs in nature but must be processed.
- Nuclear power and the environment
     No carbon dioxide. Radioactive waste. Spent fuel storage and
     decommissioning. Safety and security.


NRC Students' Corner (
From the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
- What is nuclear energy?
- Nuclear reactors (Pressurized water reactor. Boiling water reactor.)
  Click on "Nuclear Reactors". .
- Radiation
  Click on "Radiation".
- Emergency planning
  Click on "Emergency planning".
- Security
  Click on "Security".
- Decommissioning
  Click on "Decommissioning".
- Radioactive waste/spent fuel
  Click on "Radioactive waste/spent fuel".

Nuclear power animations   Nuclear Fission Simulation (
Includes a list of further teaching resources.

Nuclear Fission Animated (

Pressurized Water Reactor (

Safety Features of a Boiling Water Reactor (

See also Japan nuclear disaster visualizations

Images   New photos of reactor building partial collapse (
Only one Japanese photo, but the other two are links to many more images. (12 March 2011)

Glossaries   Glossary for Fukushima Daiichi crisis (blogs.cnn)

Japanese Disasters Need-to-Know Glossary (

USNRC Glossary (
Large list of terms defined on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission website. A full-text glossary is also provided.

Lists of links   Atoms, Nuclei and Particles - dmoz Directory (

Nuclear Age (

See also Radiation





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