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Radiation symbolNuclear radiation:
    Radiation and health

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Radiation in Japan now (Japan nuclear disaster 2011)
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Nuclear radiation:

Radiation and health
Radiation symbol
  FAQ - Nuclear Meltdown in Japan: Radiation Risk? (
Frequently Asked Questions cover:
- What a nuclear energy plant meltdown is.
- The amount of radiation that has escaped from Japan's nuclear plants.
- How dangerous a meltdown in Japan's plants would be.
- Whether radiation from Japan could affect the U.S.
- Those most at risk from exposur to radiation.
- The best way to prevent radiation exposure

What are the immediate health effects of exposure to radiation? (BBC)
Many more radiation health questions answered.

Radiation and Health Fact Sheets (
Grouped into:
- medical radiation (eg, ct scans)
- ionising radiation (eg, airport screening, domestic smoke alarms), and
- non-ionising radiation (eg, magnetic fields form electricity, mobile phones, microwave ovens, ultraviolet radiation)

List of Radiation Radioactive Nuclear Fallout Monitoring Websites (
A list of maps from around the world showing radiation exposure in various locations.

Japanese children taught radiation studies ( 24 Mar 2012
Children in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture have to learn about radiation protection and the effects of exposure to radiation on their health.

Radiation lessons   Fallout from Chernobyl (
Lesson plan on the consequences of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Dangers of Radiation Exposure (
Lesson plan on the sources of high-energy radiation, and calculation of personal exposure.

Radiation Exposure [pdf] (archived from
Lesson 1 of two lessons on radiation designed for grades 9-12, produced by the Challenger Center.

Dangers of Radiation Exposure [pdf] (
Lesson 2 of two lessons on radiation designed for grades 9-12, produced by the National Center for Space and Science Education.

Nuclear radiation lesson plans - search (
Results of a search on the expression "nuclear radiation"

See Nuclear lessons for classroom activities on the cloud chamber, Geiger counter, personal radiation dose, uses of radiation, radioactive waste, transportation.





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