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Lessons on nuclear topics:
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The Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan appears to have had a partial meltdown, not "a meltdown".  For an explanation of the distinction see Meltdown 101: What is a nuclear reactor meltdown? (


Lessons on nuclear topics:

Nuclear lessons


Teachers' Lesson Plans
(U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission)

Nuclear power plant
(portion of USNRC illustration)

Unit 1: Radiation
Classroom activities:

The Cloud Chamber
Using a Geiger Counter
Personal Radiation Dose
- online Radiation Dose Calculator
- Radiation Dose Calculator worksheet [pdf]

Unit 2: The Uses of Radiation

Unit 3: Nuclear Reactors/Energy Generation

Classroom activities:
Power Plant Diagram - Boiling Water Reactor
Power Plant Diagram - Pressurized Water Reactor

Gaseous effluent from nuclear power plant
(portion of USNRC illustration - scroll down)

Turbine and Generator
Reactor Fuel Assembly
Where Does Fission Take Place? - Franklin's Core
Chain Reaction
Nuclear Power Plant
Boiling Water Reactor
Pressurized Water Reactor

Unit 4: Radioactive Waste
Classroom activity:

Nuclear Waste Cube

Unit 5: Transportation of Radioactive Materials


More lessons

  Breaking News English ESL Lesson Plan on Japan's Nuclear Crisis (
Suggested lesson plan, with a focus on terms and their meanings

Lessons on Radiation & Nuclear Energy (
Scroll right down the page.

Teaching Materials related to Nuclear Power (

Discussion of nuclear disasters

  How to Talk to Your Kids About the Disasters in Japan (

Nuclear Boy teaches Japanese kids about disaster (
A Japanese artist created a video to explain the nuclear disaster in terms of the bodily functions of a "Nuclear Boy" who gets sick.
- Watch the Nuclear Boy video (




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