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LAST FEDERAL ELECTION: Saturday 2 July 2016  


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Crosswords to print:

Election crosswords (printable)
Our two Australian election crosswords to print out:
- Voting Terms (print)
- Election Synonyms (print)
Interactive versions are also available on the above page.

(See Note for teachers).

Word searches to print:

Election word searches  (printable)
Our three Australian election word searches to print out:
- Preparing for an Election (print)
- Counting the Votes (print)
- Parliament and Elections (print)
Interactive versions are also available on the above page.

Quizzes to print:

Election fun quiz (printable)
Our fun quiz for election time consists of fifteen multiple choice questions, each with two alternative answers.

See also our Parliament quizzes section.

Interactive activities:

See our separate Interactive activities page (interactive word searches, crosswords, jigsaws).

Activity collections:

Democracy Rules: An electoral education resource (AEC)
(Provides pdf files to download.) Investigations and activities for students on the meaning of democracy, decision-making, having your say, being represented, voting, electorates, voting by Indigenous Australians, voting in East Timor.

Education Resources (AEC)
The various electoral education resources provided by the Australian Electoral Commission.

Running an election in your school (AEC)

Civics and Citizenship Education (DEEWR)
See Teaching and Learning Activities. Examples:
- Voting - choosing your parliamentary representatives: Introduction
- Voting: Should you have to?
- Electoral events timeline
- Poster power
- The Secret Ballot - Voting in Australia
- Electric electorate
- Votes for women
- The 1967 referendum

- Voting and belonging: Introduction


BTN (Behind the News)
See our Videos page.

See also our Parliament videos section.

Using data:

ICT (Computing) activities: data use suggestion
The three csv-format data files of divisions, parties and polling places at Federal Election Media Feed (AEC) could be used in classroom spreadsheet and database activities.
- For more csv files see our Election Results Data section, in particular the AEC's Official Federal Election Results download files in csv-format.

See separate page for Discovering Democracy units:

Lists of further activity resources:

Government & election teaching resources (TESAustralia)
A long list of resources for teachers. Access to most resources requires registration
but this is free.


Ballot boxes for the Senate and the House of Representatives


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