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  Hats on for Melbourne Cup Day (
Instructions to make a cardboard hat for Melbourne Cup Day.

Zart Art Melbourne Cup Projects (
If you sign up you can obtain instructions on making a horse collage, suitable for primary school students.
Also available: instructions for making a Cup Day hat.

Melbourne Cup Day Activities (

This collection of linked activities for young students includes some craft activities.

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History and culture activities


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  The Melbourne Cup [pdf] (archived from
A worksheet to print out. Basic information about the Melbourne Cup, followed by questions for students to answer.

Champions Thoroughbred Racing Gallery [pdf] (
A large booklet to print out. Though intended as an activity booklet for Year 5/6 students visiting the National Sports Museum, this downloadable pdf file contains much useful information about Melbourne Cup history, previous winners and well-known personalities.

My Place (TV series): Punting (
Suggested Melbourne Cup lesson activities for teachers to use, based on the TV series My Place: Episode 8 1938, Colum - Punting.

See also our History and culture page

Mathematics and statistics activities


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  Mathematics of the Melbourne Cup (
Statistics related to the Melbourne Cup, with suggestions on how teachers could use them in mathematics lessons.

Using statistics to explore cross-curricular and social issues opportunities (
A short paper, not a classroom activity.

Paper by Lorraine Day, University of Notre Dame Australia, 2013. Reports on a statistics and probability activity for students using historical Melbourne Cup data.

Melbourne Cup Day Activities (
These suggested activities for students include an excel spreadsheet of Melbourne Cup winners from 1861 to 2011 along with suggested activities that could be based this data.

Melbourne Cup 2014: How the runners compare to past champions (
Presentation of statistics relating to past winners' barrier position, horse colour, sex, country, age, weight, odds, saddle cloths, silks, words in name, initials. Scroll down and watch the horses at the right move forward based on their probability of winning based on the statistics of previous winners.

Melbourne Cup data (
Students comment verbally or in writing about different types of data collected on the Melbourne Cup race. Links to data sources are provided for students. An answer sheet for teachers is provided.

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Gambling education and activities - Melbourne Cup focus


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  Responsible Gambling Melbourne Cup Style [pdf] (Qld Govt)
Issues and activities for students in a six-page unit provided by the Queensland Responsible Gambling Strategy. The unit aims to improve students' "understanding of the Melbourne Cup and its place in Australia's cultural identity". (The document was previously located at

Responsible gambling [pdf] (Consumer Affairs Victoria)
A collection of suggested activities for students on responsible gambling. This document consists of the Responsible Gambling section (Section F, pages 66-81) of Consumer Stuff! A resource for the teaching and learning of English from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Responsible gambling: The Melbourne Cup [pdf] (Consumer Affairs Victoria)
This is a nine-page extract of a Consumer Affairs Victoria gambling education teaching and learning resource. A worksheet of exercises on the Melbourne Cup is labelled B1 (see pages 42-48). Teacher notes for these "B1" exercises are on page 40. Two of the exercises involve reference to these resources:
- Exercise 1: Melbourne Cup video (Australia Network) no longer appears to be available.
- Exercise 4: The Race that Stuffs the Nation poem (ABC Radio recording)
Exercise 5 requires the use of a video called "Murphy's Law" which no longer appears to be accessible.
(An archived copy of the complete 152-page Responsible Gambling document from the Consumer Affairs Victoria website is available.)

The race that stops the nation [pdf] (Vic Govt)
Suggested activities for students, using the Melbourne Cup to learn about responsible gambling. This document consists of pages 74-76 extracted from the Responsible Gambling section of Consumer Stuff! A resource for the teaching and learning of English [pdf] (2.8MB archived version) from Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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Other activities


Melbourne Cup Carnival 2011: Resources for Schools (
This educational resource was located at but is no longer available (as at 10 Sep 2013). However, parts of the site may be accessible by pasting that url into the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive. If you click on "For teachers", then "Activities", you will find 30 activities, although many of them involve facts and statistics that are now out of date.


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