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Videos, songs and poems about Australia's Melbourne Cup horse race

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Song videos
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Videos   Melbourne Cup 1896 video (
Silent video, 1 min. Includes education notes.

BTN: Melbourne Cup (2009) (
Behind the News story presenting an interview with a Melbourne Cup jockey on preparing a horse for the race.

BTN: Apprentice Jockeys (2008) (
Behind the News story presenting an interview with an apprentice jockey on preparing a horse for the race.

BTN: Horse Whipping (2009) (
Behind the News looks at both sides of the issue of whipping race horses.

BTN: Gambling culture (2013) (
Behind the News story discussing how Australia's gambling culture has spread beyond horse racing to other sports.

Song videos
  That Tuesday in November (
Mike Brady sings his song That Tuesday in November which appears to have become the unofficial Melbourne Cup theme song. Begins: "Well we made it through the football..."

Slim Dusty - The Melbourne Cup (
Slim Dusty sings his Melbourne Cup song which begins ,"There's a bustle in the city, there's excitement in the scrubs..." LYRICS link below.

Top 10 Melbourne Cup songs (
These ten song videos are actually just songs about horses.

Audio only   Melbourne Cup (
Listen to the first few lines only (.wav file) of Melbourne Cup by Greg Hastings, beginning "First Tuesday in November..." LYRICS link below.
Song lyrics   Melbourne Cup lyrics (
"First Tuesday in November..." Teachers could use these song lyrics in an activity requiring students to suggest existing music to sing them to, or to create a new song. Or they could be required to suggest an additional verse. LISTEN TO AUDIO (first few lines only) link above.

Slim Dusty lyrics "The Melbourne Cup" (
"There's a bustle in the city..." WATCH VIDEO (
Poems   The Race that Stops the Nation - A Poem for All Australians (
This poem, The Race that Stops the Nation, was written by Vivienne McCredie in 1986. It is often referred to as "a poem about Australia's fascination with the Melbourne Cup".

A Dream of the Melbourne Cup (
The poem A Dream of the Melbourne Cup, by A. B. 'Banjo' Paterson, is reproduced here from the book Saltbush Bill, J.P. and Other Verses.
- Another reproduction ( of the poem is also available.

How the Melbourne Cup Was Won (
The poem How the Melbourne Cup Was Won was written by Henry Kendall.
- You can also read this poem as published in The Sydney Mail ( on 26 November 1881.

The Race that Stuffs the Nation (ABC Radio recording)
Recording of a poem on the Melbourne Cup. This recording is utilised in a Responsible Gambling activity.

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