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Word searches - online

Join the dots

Cartoon puzzles
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Crosswords - print out   Problem Gambling Printable Crossword (
Our 16-clue printable crossword on problem gambling. (It is a printable version of the interactive version below.) Suggested background information and the solution are provided.

Horse Racing Crossword (
Our 14-clue printable crossword on horse racing. Produced mainly with retirement home residents in mind. There are two versions:
- crossword with cryptic clues
- crossword with cryptic clues plus hints (added 3 Nov 2015).

Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle (
A 23-clue printable crossword requiring some knowledge of past Melbourne Cup winners.

Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle (
Can be printed or solved online. Answers are provided.

Crosswords - online   Problem Gambling Interactive Crossword (
Our 16-clue crossword on problem gambling to play online. (It is the same crossword as the print version above.) For teacher information see the print version page.

Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle (
Same puzzle as the "Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle" above. Can be printed or solved online. Answers are provided.

Word searches (word finds) - print out   Melbourne Cup Word Search (
24-word word search puzzle to print out. Uses general Melbourne Cup and racing terms.

Word searches - online   There no longer appear to be any online Melbourne Cup word searches on the Internet.
For an alternative you could consider:
- online crosswords, or
printable word searches

Mazes   Horse head maze (
Start at the top of the horse's left ear and emerge behind the right ear.

Join the dots   Horse connect dots (
Join from 1 to 104.

Spot the difference   Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference [pdf] (
Spot five changes to each of three images: a winning jockey and horse, the Melbourne Cup race in progress and the Cup fashions. The images are fairly small but all fit on a single page pdf file. (Teachers click here.) If you want larger images using three separate pages, you can use the following versions:

- Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference: The Winner [pdf] (
Spot five changes to an image of the winning jockey and horse.

- Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference: The Race [pdf] (
Spot five changes to an image of then Melbourne Cup race in progress.

- Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference: The Fashions [pdf] (
Spot five changes to an image of Cup fashions.

Cartoon puzzles   JumbleUps (
"Comic puzzles". What are the racing terms portrayed in the cartoons? The answers are provided in each cartoon.

Other puzzles   Melbourne Cup Jumbled Numbers (
A word connected with racing is coded as a number in this jumble of numbers. The answer is provided immediately below the instructions.

Melbourne Cup Letter Spotter (
Compare two images to find missing letters. The solution is not provided.

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