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Word searches - online

Join the dots

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Crosswords - print out   Problem Gambling Printable Crossword (
Our 16-clue printable crossword on problem gambling. (It is a printable version of the interactive version below.) Suggested background information and the solution are provided.

Horse Racing Crossword (
Our 14-clue printable crossword on horse racing. Produced mainly with retirement home residents in mind. There are two versions:
- crossword with cryptic clues
- crossword with cryptic clues plus hints (added 3 Nov 2015).

Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle (
A 23-clue printable crossword requiring some knowledge of past Melbourne Cup winners.

Melbourne Cup Crossword (
Note that the print is very small. The answers are not provided.

Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle (
Can be printed or solved online. Answers are provided.

Crosswords - online   Problem Gambling Interactive Crossword (
Our 16-clue crossword on problem gambling to play online. (It is the same crossword as the print version above.) For teacher information see the print version page.

Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle (
Same puzzle as the "Melbourne Cup Crossword Puzzle" above. Can be printed or solved online. Answers are provided.

Word searches (word finds) - print out   Melbourne Cup Word Search (
24-word word search puzzle to print out. Uses general Melbourne Cup and racing terms.

Parts of the Horse Word Search [pdf] (
A drawing of a horse with its parts labelled is provided. Students have to find those terms in a word search. This is a general horse word search, not a specific Melbourne Cup puzzle. Answers are provided.
Word searches - online   There no longer appear to be any online Melbourne Cup word searches on the Internet.
For an alternative you could consider:
- online crosswords, or
printable word searches

Mazes   Horse maze (
Horse maze (though of course there are no hurdles in the Melbourne Cup).

Horse maze (
This page is currently unavailable (27 Oct, 5 Nov 2017)
Start at the bottom left of the horse's head and emerge at the top right.

Horse head maze (
Start at the top of the horse's left ear and emerge behind the right ear.

Join the dots   Horse dot-to-dot (
Join from 1 to 66.

Horse connect dots (
Join from 1 to 104.

Spot the difference   Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference [pdf] (
Spot five changes to each of three images: a winning jockey and horse, the Melbourne Cup race in progress and the Cup fashions. The images are fairly small but all fit on a single page pdf file. (Teachers click here.) If you want larger images using three separate pages, you can use the following versions:

- Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference: The Winner [pdf] (
Spot five changes to an image of the winning jockey and horse.

- Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference: The Race [pdf] (
Spot five changes to an image of then Melbourne Cup race in progress.

- Melbourne Cup Spot the Difference: The Fashions [pdf] (
Spot five changes to an image of Cup fashions.

Spot the Difference (
Spot the ten differences between the two Melbourne Cup cartoons. Note that the answers are provided below the cartoons. Issue advice for teachers: consumption of alcohol is portrayed.

Spot the Differences - Stable [pdf] (
There are 15 differences to find in two drawings of horses in stables. This is a general horse puzzle, not a specific Melbourne Cup puzzle.

Cartoon puzzles   JumbleUps (
"Comic puzzles". What are the racing terms portrayed in the cartoons? (The term in the first cartoon does not apply to the Melbourne Cup race, however.) The answers are provided in each cartoon.

Other puzzles   Melbourne Cup Jumbled Numbers (
A word connected with racing is coded as a number in this jumble of numbers. The answer is provided immediately below the instructions.

Melbourne Cup Letter Spotter (
Compare two images to find missing letters. The solution is not provided.

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