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Issues arising from the holding of the Melbourne Cup and from horse racing generally

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Children and gambling   Maths and English program may prevent teens from developing gambling problem ( 13 Oct 2014
Included in the story is information from the Responsible Gambling Foundation that "about 3-4 per cent of teenagers could already be classified as 'problem gamblers'."

Spoof KidBet ad mocks sports betting advertising ( 9 Oct 2013
A mock betting advertisement features in a new campaign drawing attention to the increased exposure of teenagers and other young people to gambling advertisements on television.

Should kids bet on the Cup? (
Is the Melbourne Cup a source of excitement for children or is it an obstacle for parents who wish to ensure their children do not grow up to become gambling addicts?

Cup sweeps a gambling risk for young: welfare group (ABC News)
An ABC news report which states that (at least one state's) Education Department guidelines require parental permission before children can become involved in Melbourne Cup sweeps.

Economic and social downside



Melbourne Cup: Should you really be celebrating? (
From the perspective of employers, it needs to be remembered that Melbourne Cup workplace activities have the potential to lower productivity and to be offensive to some employees. For example, employees can be opposed to the Cup on the basis of:
- family and religious values
- animal rights considerations, and
- the general association with gambling and alcohol

See also Animal welfare below.

Economic benefits   Melbourne Cup a winner for national economy (
30 Oct 2014
What are the economic benefits of Australia's biggest horseracing event?

Animal welfare   The ugly side of the Melbourne Cup (
Many race horses suffer injuries and many are not euthanased at the earliest opportunity when they should be. And what happens to the horses when they are retired from racing? Animal rights activists and Racing Victoria give their views.

The dark side of the Melbourne Cup (
In this speech presented in the NSW Legislative Council, Greens politician John Kaye argues that the Melbourne Cup perpetuates:
- the social harms caused by gambling, and
- the exploitation of horses, with "appalling animal welfare outcomes".

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