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History   Melbourne Cup (
Background and social history of the Melbourne Cup, along with the stories of two well known horses and some useful links. (Previously at

Melbourne Cup (
Includes history and timeline.

Melbourne Cup Carnival history (
Official website of the Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup trophy has colourful and creative history (
History of the Cup itself, including an illustrated timeline which shows there have been a number of quite different designs during its history.

1866 Melbourne Cup (
The 1866 Melbourne Cupn was "the earliest lknown Melbourne Cup in its original state".
Scroll down for more on the general history of the Melbourne Cup.
(See also 1867 Melbourne Cup and Queen's Plate Trophies.)

Horse racing and the Melbourne Cup (
Melbourne Cup information pages prepared by the State Library of Victoria. Note that some of the links are only to basic details about resources that are located in the library itself. The most useful pages would appear to be:
- Short history
- Horses: Notable winners and placegetters
- Pictures and portraits
The language of racing

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Fashion and history   Fashions and race culture (
Scroll down to "Fashions and race culture" for information on how the association between fashions and the Melbourne Cup originated at the early race meetings of colonial Sydney in the early 1800s.

Melbourne Cup - The Race that Stops the Nation in its Tracks (
Provides a history of the Cup. The last few paragraphs explain how today's strong emphasis on fashion was boosted in 1962 by a marketing push.

Fashion   Melbourne Cup: Fashion stakes as hotly contested as action on the track (
Illustrated commentary on the important part fashion now plays at the Melbourne Cup. Includes information about spending on clothing, implying that the Cup makes a useful economic contribution through its fashion competitions.

Melbourne Cup fashion 2015 (
"All the fashion colour from the Melbourne Cup."

Melbourne Cup fashion (
Pinterest page currently with over 100 pins on Melbourne Cup fashion.

Melbourne Cup fashion ideas (
Pinterest page currently with 48 pins on Melbourne Cup fashion ideas.

Melbourne Cup 2012 (
Pinterest page with 34 pins of Melbourne Cup fashion photos from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Melbourne Cup 2012 (
Over 170 stylish photographs of Melbourne Cup fashionware from a variety of sources.

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Melbourne Cup and Australian culture
  Aussie traits are frontrunners in Cup sweep (
Participation in Melbourne Cup Day brings out many uniquely Australian characteristics, Ian Cole writes. (If link is unavailable, try this archived version [pdf].)

Academic discussion:

The Heart of Australian Racing: the Melbourne Cup' symposium (
Transcripts and audio of historians and other speakers at a symposium on the Melbourne Cup's place in Australian society, held at the National Museum of Australia.

More...   More websites on Melbourne Cup history (
Scroll to "Useful links" at the bottom of the page.

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