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Trivia facts and quizzes for teachers and others planning to use the Melbourne Cup as a basis for classroom activities or entertainment

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Melbourne Cup
Number Quiz
First made available 2016
Quizzes - print out
Quizzes - online
Trivia   Melbourne Cup Trivia (
Facts about the Melbourne Cup (suitable for using in a quiz).

Melbourne Cup trivia: 24 fun facts ( - from
Facts compiled by Alpha Magazine.

Nine things you didn't know about the Melbourne Cup (
Nine interesting facts from Melbourne Cup history.

List of Melbourne Cup winners (
Table of information about Melbourne Cup winners from 1851 to the most recent race.

Melbourne Cup Quiz (archived from
This collection of 50 questions reproduced from the Illawarra Mercury is a VERY OLD quiz in which some questions are not usable as they either refer to photos that were not reproduced with the text or are out of date. The questions appear to have been written in 2008. However, many questions are interesting, evoke curiosity as to the answer and may be of use to teachers who are constructing their own Melbourne Cup quizzes.

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Quizzes - print out  

Melbourne Cup
Number Quiz
First made available 2016!
Melbourne Cup Number Quiz (

Our 20-question Melbourne Cup quiz in which all the answers are NUMBERS. We have made two versions:
- an EASY one which includes the list of numbers to choose from, and
- a HARDER version which simply omits that list.
Answers are provided.

Melbourne Cup Fun Quiz [pdf] (
Our own ten-question multiple choice Melbourne Cup quiz to print out: Melbourne Cup Fun Quiz [pdf]. (Teachers click here.)

Melbourne Cup Quiz (archived from
Quiz questions, with answers, to print out.

Interesting Questions, Facts and Information (
This collection of 126 questions provides not only the answers but also a link to other quizzes containing the relevant question.
Quizzes - online   The Magical Melbourne Cup (
25 online multiple choice questions.

Melbourne Cup Quiz 2016 (
Twelve online multiple choice questions, with immediate feedback on each answer selected.

Melbourne cup quiz (
Twelve-question illustrated multiple-choice Melbourne Cup quiz.

Quizzes - Melbourne Cup (
Fourteen online quizzes contributed by users.
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